About Cellarrich

Cellarrich has been founded in 1993 by 4 former students (textile arts) in Amsterdam.The original location was a cellar on the Prinsengracht. Here arises the name cellar-rich. From this “cellar” we delivered tailored made bags and small leather goods.

In 1997 Cellarrich moved to a shop on the Haarlemmerdijk. The Cellarrich collection was no longer produced in our own workshop. From that moment Cellarrich stopped with tailor made products and started with a large basic collection of clasp wallets, small leather goods and bags produced elsewhere. Since then Cellarrich works  together for the productions with a small Dutch family company and with a factory with a social mentality in the Czech Republic. Together with these two companies Cellarrich is constantly looking for balance between a beautiful and durable product. The leather that Cellarrich uses comes from The Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Since about 15 years Cellarrich is also active as an international wholesale. Cellarrich shows their collection at the international trade show "Maison et Object" in Paris every Septmeber. Cellarrich salespoints can be found all over the world.